Typical Applications


Center Carbon manufactures many furnace replacement parts. The parts include sintering trays, heating elements, hearth rails, and rods. Based on your application, our engineering team can help create a graphite solution for whatever brand or type of furnace part you need. Because graphite is stable at high temperatures and self-lubricating, graphite furnace parts from Center Carbon are manufactured to last.

Send us your drawing/sketch for a quote. Our professional customer service and technical staff will be glad to answer your request.

Caliper on blueprints



All parts are machined per your sketch or drawing. We work closely with customers to identify and meet their diverse and changing conditions. We have a wide variety of raw material graphite grades available and can recommend a grade that would be best suited for your application.


Coordinate Measuring Machine capabilities assure our customers of an accurate and detailed inspection to the provided print or drawing.


All items are carefully packed. Small packages are shipped with Fed Ex or UPS. For larger orders, our shipping specialist can recommend the best freight company to use.